Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Next Show Announced: July 25th at Comet

BLUEBRAIN @ COMET - Saturday, July 25th 
5037 Connecticut Avenue NW - $5 - 8:00

Our second show is upon us...or is soon to be. Come out and make it as memorable as the first. This time it's at an actual venue instead of a house party (but don't worry, we've worked it out that there will be drink specials all night as to not break the bank). Plus, there's outdoor ping pong. So it's essentially like a house party yet again.  Alfonso Bravo will DJ which will certainly devolve into a sweaty dance party free-for-all-not-to-be-missed. Also, we'll be announcing a special guest later on so check this space.

The Facebook event is here if you wanna let us know you're coming (so we can have a welcoming party for you):


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