Thursday, October 1, 2009

Press for this Friday's Story/Stereo Show (& video from last week)

This week Hays and I were asked to write a bit for the website Vinyl District about music we enjoy in the days leading up to the Story/Stereo show (Friday, by the way). Yesterday I wrote about Scott Walker, today Hays talks about Black Dice. Tomorrow they'll post a playlist that we made with 10 songs you can download. It's a great site and they are throwing a record fair this Sunday at Comet, which everyone should attend.

Also, City Paper, BYT, DCist, The 42 and others have posted this video of last week. There are others floating around but this is one our good friend Josh Vaile helped put together:

Bluebrain's 'Cakeblood' Boombox Event Video -

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