Saturday, February 26, 2011

Photos+Press from Dismemberment Plan Show

Last month, Dismemberment Plan asked us to open for them at their first homecoming show of their reunion tour at Black Cat. It was an incredible night--we were accompanied by our horn player friends and four  visual artists of quite an age range (Stella Magee is 9 years old), each of whom crawled around the stage painted our podiums while we performed. It was quite the crew.  (Not to mention the terrific Tereu Tereu, who also played that night.)

In addition, we wore these enormous metal backpacks called 'Screamers' designed by Floating Lab Collective. You can read more about them here:

Thank you to everyone who helped out and to the Dismemberment Plan for having us -- Here's some press about the night (photos below by Josh Sisk):

-TBD (includes the names of everyone who helped out)

Arijit Das, who oversaw the podium painting, and Stella Magee
More photos after the jump

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