Friday, April 13, 2012


This Saturday is the Lumen8 Festival in Anacostia, which we have a new work in entitled 'Sunshowers' that we collaborated with artist Evan Howell to create. 'Sunshowers' is an audio/visual installation in the elevator shaft at the center of the former Police Evidence Warehouse (now known as The Lightbox). For the installation, the elevator car is docked at the ground level and the ceiling has been removed, turning it into a viewing platform to experience the work which spans 4 floors above it. Upon entering, the viewer is surrounding by the sounds of rain from speakers on the ground level and on the floors above -- projectors on each floor cast images of drops cascading down run from top to bottom, transforming the circulatory system of the building into a virtual rain room. (These photos show just 2 of the projectors being tested). The doors to the shaft on each floor were pried upon to insert the speakers and projectors (this likely wouldn't work with today's elevators but this, being a pretty old elevator, had doors that open vertically and, with enough personpower, can be opened.)

This was a really great project to work on because of the unusual nature of the space and having to figure out creative solutions to almost everything (90 percent of the power outlets did not work, for instance). Rigging the projector at the top level, though, was a bit scary...was certainly the most dangerous project we've ever done for that reason -- it's amazing how, when we started, I would tip-toe towards the edge of the shaft from the top levels but, after a few hours, I kind of forgot about the height and would string cables down, reposition a speaker -- all without thinking twice. I think the result will be really very cool and am excited to see what it feels like with more people in it.

'Sunshowers' opens this Saturday at sundown and will stay up for next weeks Cherry Blast Party. More info on all these things here:

Lumen8 Anacostia
Cherry Blast IV

 Here's a photo of us that was taken just outside the elevator for