Monday, April 11, 2011

Record Store Day Surprise Release

**Thanks everyone! The records are now sold out**

The video after the jump should tell you everything you need to know about this limited run record store day release...

More after the jump...

Bluebrain and Sockets Records would like to announce a very special collaboration. It's a new 7" entitled "The Pull", and is a limited edition Record Store Day, vinyl only release. One very special aspect of the 7" is how the two tracks can be combined. Each side of the 7" can be considered a stand alone track or A and B side can be played simulataneously to form one song, or a C side.
We've been planning this for a few months and finally are able to share the details.
Bluebrain is the Washington, DC duo consisting of brothers Hays and Ryan Holladay. As Bluebrain, these brothers have brought an unrivaled energy and innovation to site-specific sound experiments, interactive concerts, and, recently, documentary film scoring. The band also opened for the newly reunited Dismemberment Plan in January 2011.
Here are the detaiis for each of the stores you can purchase the record:
BLUEBRAIN - 'The Pull / The Push' - 7" vinyl single
Limited Edition of 300 (Hand-numbered)
On Sale Saturday morning, April 16 2011

Red Onion - (1901 18th Street NW)
Som Records  - (1843 14th Street NW)
Smash! - (2314 18th Street NW)
Crooked Beat - (2116 18th Street NW)\